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Ice Skating August 20, 2009

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Bismillahirahmanirahim & A very good day to bloggers~

Last Saturday, I went to play Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid with my younger sister and Yana. Nadhirah and Faizul were not able to make it since they already have their own plan. =( It was an unplanned plan actually since I already noe the route to Sunway Pyramid previously after sending my younger sister back to her condo.

C902-Middle August 2009 132

Arrived at Sunway Pyramid around 12 noon. Luckily the there a lot of parking space. Fyi, there was another event took place and Sunway Lagoon – MTV Stage Concert. This is the reason I bumped into Yaa, Nina, Aiman and the gang~ hihi. Long time no see~

We’re having our lunch at Kenny Roger’s (betol ke ejaan nih)- my treat ok~ =) Then after prayer, we went to register at Ice Skating counter. There are so many people around. Well, it’s weekend ma~ So we play for more than 2 hours after everyone give up already. I am still good~!! just once I felt but not totally hitting the ice surface. Hehe. Maybe because I used to play with Rollerblade since I was kid **dush!

We have to give up our G.I Joe since my younger sister work during night shift. So, need to go back early plus there are so many people wearing mouth mask – very uncomfortable environment due to H1N1~

Ok, enjoy the pix and I’m going back to hometown after work~ Selamat Bertarawikh and Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa~!!

Mimi & YanaIt's me~!!This is the skating shoe~ehem ehem

P/s: Happy birthday to Nadhirah~ You are now older 1 year than me~ hehe


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