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Kenduri Kawen March 15, 2009

Filed under: |wedding| — hafizd @ 11:17 pm

Salam Semua~

Lately, memang ramai yang menjadi ‘Raja lebey dari Sehari’ or Naik Pelamin. Most of them are my friends. Unfortunately, I am still here in Labuan, so with full of honest, I want to say I am really sorry for not able to turn up in the ceremony.

So, last Saturday, me and my friends at Labuan went to Lisa’s Wedding. She is our secretary at yard/office. We planned everything regarding the present about 2 weeks time. Lastly, we managed to get a bigger present. Taadaaa~ rahsia.

I would say that last week was the most hectic week in Labuan due to heavy workload.ok.fullstop.The past is past. Ok, enjoy the pictures below.

Selamat kembali ke office too all & Happy holiday to students!


D80-15-03-2009 045

D80-15-03-2009 069 D80-15-03-2009 094

D80-15-03-2009 098

D80-15-03-2009 409


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