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Penyanyi Nasyid Saujana jadi Pondan? February 26, 2009

Filed under: |curent issue| — hafizd @ 10:46 am
Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

[updated – no offense kepada pembaca semua-info sharing]

It’s weird to hear that right? I also don’t know what really happen to this fella. I used to follow the group – Saujana since I was young. “Sepohon Kayu“, “Bulan Bintang” bla bla bla..Used to Karok their songs with my friends..Btw, just I found this story from my friend’s blog. Thanks to Tajul. Sumpah aku tak tau cite neh.

You can take a look at youtube by click at this link to see the whole video and judge it by yourself. Some people saying that he’s a doctor and the formula appear to be Nasyid + taking Medic = Pondan? Haih.. haih.. haih…

Dr Khairul Idzwan Baharin iaitu bekas vokalis kumpulan nasyid saujana macam pondan?? Tengok video tuh rasa amat memalukan diri sendiri. Kalo betul la die neh Khairul Idzwan vocalis Saujana, sama2 la kita berdoa dia kembali ke jalan yang benar. Amin.



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