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Last Dinner together : Steam Boat June 6, 2008

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Last nite was damn great! Thanks to Bob a.k.a Azwan for treating us STEAM BOAT. Repeat again Steam Boat~ All of us went to MP near Ipoh Parade to have our dinner there. Bob, Radzi,Muhyi,Niema, Ezmal,Nasriah, Nazmi, me and without Ariff(He’s at Penang). Actually this dinner was planned by Bob to celebrate and as well as farewell session due to his induction at Abu Dhabi for 1 week and straight away work at Labuan after that. To Bob, all the best and good luck! At least you are the only one that has job and placement right after completing study. After dinner, we went to play bowling at Ipoh Parade. Everyone was enjoying the nite and this was the last time together before going back home.

Big prawn, big LALA…
Muhyi : Don’t be sad Bob
Steam BoatDon’t play2

P/s: To Ariff, jangan jeles yea~ Fyi, i am still in the OIL PRICE mood~


6 Responses to “Last Dinner together : Steam Boat”

  1. Ariff Says:

    Mana boleh x jeles.. Wahh bestnye.. jeles 1000x.. all the best to Bob and all…

  2. Hafizd Says:

    hoho..cpt nye die comment..ko subscribe rss feed ke??

  3. [YeOp] Says:

    ko plak bila nak belanja?

  4. Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin Says:

    huhu.. viewing ur blog makes me recall the utp juniors..

    look forward to ur convo kay.. it’ll be among the best memories of utp 🙂 trust akak =)

  5. naima_imma Says:

    weiii… mane ko makan steam boat…????

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i will not be back in this short period of time.. being selected to continue my training for 2 weeks here in abu dhabi..then 2 week field exposure in OMAN..after that directly “school” in abu dhabi again for 4 months.. WISH me luck so that i can come back for my convo…

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