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Looking for a creative photographer? June 4, 2008

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Happy graduation to everyone! Those who still having FYP presentation till the end of this week, all the best~ Anyone looking for creative and artistic photographer right now? Maybe someone wanna get married after this or organizing an event and don’t have a talent photographer? The answer is here; Muhammad Afifi Che Rawi. He’s one of my friends that possess the imagination of picturing an object. Take a look at his Fotopages and you’ll be surprised and flabbergasted on what he had done in term of editing the picture and the angle of camera position. How about the price? As cheap as RM699 you can have him. hoho, I am not sellin’ him, just the photographer service. Extra offer, you’ll get beautiful custom design album for your event and enjoy extra hours of events coverage. So, don’t wait up; pick the phone and hire him as your photographer. Kepada yang nk kawin, make sure jemput eh, nak gak makan nasik minyak! sedapnye nasik minyak umah pengantin!!!!

Muhammad Afifi Che Rawi
Freelance Photographer

HP: +6 012 959 01 78

p/s: Happy birthday to Cydee and Khir


One Response to “Looking for a creative photographer?”

  1. fadhilahraes Says:

    ade jugek nama aku kat blog ko nih..hihi..thx..

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