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Final Presentation Pictures June 2, 2008

Filed under: |Event|,|final exam|,|utp| — hafizd @ 6:12 pm
Dear UTPian, here are some pictures during first day of final presentation. I’ve managed to edit and put some caption on each of the pictures. Thanks to Alep, Pem, Me and Judin for sharing the pictures. So kengkawan, saya dah abes present; nak buat ape ek? main CS ke? hoho.. Let’s go together2 to swimming pool to take some pictures and finally settle the summon and clearance. Enjoy the pictures! it’s such a lovely moment to be remembered rite?


2 Responses to “Final Presentation Pictures”

  1. [YeOp] Says:

    apsal farid beria nak mampus pakai blazer? hahahah! 😛

  2. Hafizd Says:

    tuh skema namenye

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