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Civil May 2003 Batch UTP May 27, 2008

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Congratulation Engineers! Alhamdulillah

Today was the last examination paper for most of Civil May 2003 Batch, Operation and Construction Management (OCM). Let’s don’t talk about it anymore because the paper was officially ended at 12.00 noon in Chanselor Hall of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. I’ve attached the edited version pictures of Civil May 2003 Batch in front on CH. Actually I was quite disappointed coz the actual ‘scene’ of completing the paper was not really happened as I’ve imagined before. I mean like celebrating it with full of passion and saying ‘MERDEKA’ out of our lung. Hmm… Everyone seems very dull and monotonous. Shy? Maybe that was the reason why everyone acted that way. No offense. After all, the unscheduled photograph session was absolutely great! I am gonna miss you guys. Can’t wait to meet everyone at farewell dinner next week. On behalf on my friends, I’d like to express gratitude to all the lecturers in UTP that have contributed the effort of teaching us as future engineers. Thank you very much.

Everyone with free style *dush*


4 Responses to “Civil May 2003 Batch UTP”

  1. ad3ck Says:

    ronggeng la pas neh ehehehe

  2. Hafizd Says:

    hahaha…ronggeng hapenye..ade presentation lagik satu nih~

  3. moroka Says:

    xleh la nak hepi sangat..ada presentaiton lagi. pastu korang mesti sedih kan dah nk tinggalkan utp..berpisah ngn kawan2 sme.

    so, exam dh abis…good luck 4 presentation plak. chayok!

  4. Hafizd Says:

    mmg sedey..presentation abes..trus amik gbmo dlm utp nih…pusing n tawaf sumer tmpat2 yg ade kenangan~ sedey dowh..xsempat gak nk knal moroka morola~

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