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EDX 21 April 16, 2008

Filed under: |EDX|,|interview| — hafizd @ 2:37 pm
Today I was having really good time at EDX 21 held at Chanselor Complex. It was really fascinating to have a leisure walk while take a look at the posters over there. I don’t have mood to describe about it because i wasn’t the participant. heh. Just take a look at the pictures below. Have fun! Fyi, got structured interview PETRONAS on Saturday 8am at Blok 14~. Wish me luck. Not to forget to my housemate Nazmi and my roommate, Farid. All the best also to Najib, Paang, Hasmi,Shida many to write down.

Taking pic with Paiz, Kak Hanis, Noreta and Paq

Posing at KD’s Booth
Zura,Kak Hanis,Dr Nasiman n Me

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