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Memory April 9, 2008

Filed under: |trip|,|winner| — hafizd @ 8:47 pm
wanna show off something here. well, take a look at the pic above(taken last 2 year mebe).the pix is too small rite? ok, click the pix and u r going to c the bigger version. I’ve draw the circle in red for mine. I’ve won m-mobile hp from I-Metro MMS pic. at this moment, Harian Metro not organize the competition anymore.. poor me.. i wanna win more actually. curently my mom is using it as my gift to her. i am very the happy rite now..the connection is superb! it is 5am ma!!! take this opportunity to post more and more..OMG, tomorrow, opss.. today.. i got the trip to Halliburton Excellent Center near USM cafe…10am~ Am i going to wake up? someone, please miscol me…

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